Saturday, October 13, 2007

Green tea or black tea?

What do you do when you drink hot beverage for taste and health both? This is if you are drinking black tea and want to switch over to green for health benefits. Well both are healthy and both are fragrant and full of flavor. The difference is green leaf imparts a muscatel taste and light flavor to your taste buds whereas black leaf delivers strong aromatic taste and aroma. If you are hooked on to any one type of flavor you are not going to enjoy the other…well most likely.

There is a clear cut answer do what I do. Mix both i.e. more of green and little less of black tea. You can change proportion according to your preference in your recipe as per the taste and flavor you prefer. Believe me the result is wonderful …and the advantage …you are getting health benefit from both type of leaves.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and poly phenols while black tea has many other healthy chemicals that help fight disease. The different arises from the way both are processed which is differently. Thus both contain healthy chemicals in different proportion and of different types to put it in a layman’s language.

Buy green leaf and black leaf as loose or dip both black tea bag and green tea bags if you use this packing for making the brew.

Enjoy the best of the both tea worlds.