Monday, October 5, 2015

Tea Manna From Heaven

Most recent study by Japanese discovered that consuming the hot brew resulted in aging more strongly. This was unlike the case of non drinkers who were much frailer and disabled. The old fared better as far as functional disability is concerned. 

That the tea consumers fared better than the western counterparts who were stuck with caffeine rich coffee  has proven the leaf to a a medicine alternative. With more research in place the leaf is going to turn over more and act as alternative medicine for those who do not consume it on regular basis.  

In India, the leaf supplements traditional medicine and offers cost effective health solution. As far as medical benefits are concerned green tea finds the greatest users thanks to its beneficial chemicals.  

While the manufacturers extol these virtues which are attracting more towards the brew there prime concern is to increase the consumer bases targeting all audience. 

Though iced tea has been highly successful in finding a base among the teens more has to be done as cokes offer a stiff competition.   
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Green Tea Soda : Courtesy Wagh Bakri Tea