Thursday, March 4, 2010

Tea gift baskets

Tea is fast becoming a popular hot drink beverage. The popularity of tea is not just because of its health benefits and weight loss properties it is for its taste and wonderful flavor.

Tea cheers and so does tea as gift. The normal style of gifting teas or packets of teas is as a gift basket. This has been the tradition method of gifting the finest tea leaves to near and dear ones. The occasion could be any be it New year, X'mas, Easter, Holi or Diwali.    

The basket has now been replaced with exotically printed and exclusive cartons but the effect is the same. The finest tea leaves are packed in tea gift baskets for gifting it to friends and loved ones. the cost of gift basket may vary depending upon the cost of tea blends contained in the present. Usually the finest tea leaves from Darjeeling and Assam are hand picked and packed for gift baskets or cartons. 

A present cannot be cheap hence the cost. The specialty teas do cost more but than it is worth for the flavor and the adventurous taste as exotic product. But even then there are multiple choices for the buyers. Hence gift baskets of tea are in buying range of all tea lovers.    

Green tea brands

We all know by now how beneficial is green tea for health and weight loss. But there are various types of green teas from India, China, Japan and Korea. Which type of green tea you like? How do you make your green tea? In short what is your liking. 

Choosing a tea brand is an individual matter but I believe the blenders and tea tasters have to be looked into it as well. The people behind the brand matter and it is obvious whence you consume the product. The best tea brand in India blends the finest tea leaves and the makers personally supervise all process, blending and tasting. This results in finest brand of teas. 

The popularity of the brand is another yardstick by which you can make out the goodness. But not always since some brands may be popular because of cost factor. The best method is to try different brands before you finalize one. The trial and error is the best way.

You may have a personal preference that makes you choose one odd brand well it is a matter of taste - your taste.