Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Best tea brand

In my opinion Wagh Bakri Tea is the best tea brand in India. The large company is a family controlled business with years of expertise in the trade. In this World of  mega corporations the company is showing rapid growth upwards against stiff competition.

The company lays emphasis on quality control and expert blending that it is famous for. The years of experience have turned the company expert in buying the best tea leaves from the finest gardens. The company does not compromise on quality. This includes hygienic processing and packaging that conforms to global standards.

The master blenders as they are, each and every lot is tested for quality, flavor and aroma. The products are sold in India as well as in many countries.  The tea company is perfect in the art of blending fines leaves as is evident in their vast range of products.   

The company blends finest Darjeeling and Assam teas for its brands. The brands sold are for all segment. Wagh Bakri Tea Company sells fine teas in various packing with exotic printed designs. The quality control and packaging is of International standards. Tea lovers can buy the beverage in tea bags, cartons, poly pack and pet jars of varying quantity. The tea house also sells finest certified Darjeeling and certified organic tea leaf. The latest entrant is exotically designed tea gift basket that comprises of finest blends in India. This is deal for gifts to friends and family.  The gift baskets are reasonably priced and weigh 400 gm and 300 gm. 

The company uses various blends for its popular Wagh Bakri Brand including finest Nilgiri tea from South India. As master blenders and tea specialists, the tea house is making long strides in popularizing its various tea brands all over India and the World.        

Wagh Bakri Tea House has opened a tea lounge for lovers of this hot beverage. More tea lounges will be created in due time. With aggressive expansion plans the brands are being sold in many countries.