Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tea galore

A sip from hot steamy cup of tea brew is the best way to begin one’s morning.  Tea beverage be it black tea  leaf or green tea leaf arouses your system and relieves your throat of any harsh ailments or dust particles ingested.

All over the World in lot of countries, hot tea beverage is made with or without ad dition of milk. What was once an exotic beverage is now a common man’s drink. More and more people discover the pleasure of this wonderful drink that invigorates your body and tingles the taste buds.

All over  green tea drink is a morning habit without which the day goes imperfect. Tea is taken in morning and evening every day by tea lovers.

Tea drinkers savor Assam tea leaf and pure Darjeeling tea leaf from India. When correctly brewed these tea leaves  yield a thin bodied, light colored liquor with a flowery tang - a tinge of biting tannic character, and a musky sharp taste often referred to by tea aficionados as "muscatel." A sugary cooling trace lasts long in the oral cavity. The hot tea drink also acts as mouth freshener for the whiff of the infusion lasts quiet long overriding the decayed elements.


“Chai” as tea is also known in Hindi has many aficionados in India who savor every mouthful of the wonderful liquid. Chai is also a rapport building brew as it is regularly served in all ceremonials, get together, rites, gatherings and of course the evening tea parties.

Online Tea Sale

Packaged tea is sold in carton and tea bags all over the World. The usage of loose tea leaf  is gradually fading and more people are using celebrated tea brands marketed by major tea processors in India and else where. One can now buy tea on Internet at on line tea shops. These shopping websites are called e-shopping sites. The online stores  have a program called shopping cart which computes your order of tea cartons or bags and delivers it to the database of the tea company. The company then makes the delivery after the payment  is recevied. All this happens  in few seconds and the tea goods are shipped through a courier for well-timed delivery.

Tea  Gifts

Tea popularity has risen so much that gift tea baskets or cartons have become best means of expression for loved one;s and friends.  Waghbakri Tea Company sell exotic tea gift baskets containing finest blends of teas from India. The gifts can be bought online from their websites. 

Health Tea

With the ongoing research and rising knowledge of health gains of tea drink, the use of tea leaf is increasing all over the world  The oxidants and other helpful elements present in the tea leaf help fight a cancer, heart disease and even diabetes not to state undiscovered ailment combating capability of the tea that are yet to surface.

Tea Facts

Tea Facts