Thursday, December 13, 2007

Making out good tea from spoiled Tea

The state of tea can be made out by the aroma. A tea connoisseur will easily make out whether the brew is spoiled or fresh from the characteristic aroma of dry leaf but it will be difficult for an amateur to make out the rancidity in leaf in the early stages.

The other way is to pour tea infusion in the pot and inhale over it immediately if the rising aroma is pleasant sweet fruity or short it smells nice the leaf is fresh and good. On the other hand a smoky burned aroma like that of everything stale means the tea is spoiled.

Sometimes stale leaves will exude no aroma at all this is a sure shot sign that you have purchased stale leaves which have been lying in store well past its storage period.

Different teas have different store life as green tea and white tea can withstand low period of storage where as black leaf can be stored for a considerable longer period. Therefore in early history black leaf was a preferred export to regions that where far off and where tea was not cultivated at all.

The aroma changes in every stage from freshly prepared drink to when it has slightly cooled and much after that. With practice one should be able to discern all the characteristic of tea leaf…the one which he regularly consumes.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Green tea or black tea?

What do you do when you drink hot beverage for taste and health both? This is if you are drinking black tea and want to switch over to green for health benefits. Well both are healthy and both are fragrant and full of flavor. The difference is green leaf imparts a muscatel taste and light flavor to your taste buds whereas black leaf delivers strong aromatic taste and aroma. If you are hooked on to any one type of flavor you are not going to enjoy the other…well most likely.

There is a clear cut answer do what I do. Mix both i.e. more of green and little less of black tea. You can change proportion according to your preference in your recipe as per the taste and flavor you prefer. Believe me the result is wonderful …and the advantage …you are getting health benefit from both type of leaves.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants and poly phenols while black tea has many other healthy chemicals that help fight disease. The different arises from the way both are processed which is differently. Thus both contain healthy chemicals in different proportion and of different types to put it in a layman’s language.

Buy green leaf and black leaf as loose or dip both black tea bag and green tea bags if you use this packing for making the brew.

Enjoy the best of the both tea worlds.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Green Tea Recipe

If you add milk and sugar to a green tea recipe you are making tea the India way. Indians almost always drink organic green tea with milk and sugar. Some add cinnamon, cardamom and often ginger shreds. These are the three most popular extracts that tea lovers in India add to tea recipe.

Tea is an inseparable part of food consumption in Indian families and the above recipe is standard household way of consuming chai tea. But there are families who are specialist tea drinkers and they have evolved tea recipes of their own of which you come know only when you visit their homes. I have had experience of drinking tea in one home the taste of which I admired like anything. Only secret that I could extract of them was that they had added cinnamon powder in the tea brew. But I knew there were much more masalas in the tea that I was relishing sip after sip.

Black tea without milk may be consumed in some remote inaccessible cold regions of Indian sub continent. In spite of the basic habit of tea drinking in India. There are subtle nuances in the tea flavor depending upon tea blend and variations in taste of milk and even sugar. Hence tea in India is as diverse as India itself is. And for each family that comes up with its own unique recipe one should respect and regard their ingenuity and asking for their recipe is inappropriate, until unless they reveal it to you.

Just learn to sip that wonderful liqueur man!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Premium Tea - Costs

Expensive teas or...

The cost of the tea depends much upon where and how it is grown and the process after wards the plucking is over.

The tea taste and flavor depends upon the sub species of the bush Camellia sinensis that the leaf comes from. Some sub species are renowned for their quality and are generally sold as premium teas.

The region where tea comes from is also responsible. Like tea leaf from the Darjeeling district in Indian state of West Bengal is highly aromatic and superior in taste and flavor to most of the tea growing regions. Some variety of teas from Darjeeling are highly expensive being more popular in English Tea Rooms. The elevation of the tea grwoing regions also help grow premium varieties of tea leaf.

The weather and annual climate also plays a key role. Other factors are the age of tea bush and the selection of leaves that are plucked for the blend.

The methodology used by tea estates for plucking, rolling, twisting and cutting the tea leaf also plays an important role.

The oxidation process gives rise to green, black and white tea leaves. The green tea leaf is less oxidized than black tea hence retains beneficial enzymes and antioxidants more than the black tea. The white tea though not so much popular is grown in total shade devoid of sunlight, hence the name white tea as it contains less pigments. The tea leaves which we use to brew the hot cup of tea is usually a master blend of many varieties of tea leaf. The better the blending the better the taste and flavor.

Friday, August 24, 2007


Popularity of tea all over the world is growing day by day not only for its health benefits but also for the splendid taste that coffee tea carries. The art of tea drinking is engraved in many recipes that are popular all over the world.

The English introduced hot tea beverage in India although the tea plant was native to India, China and many Asian countries। The way tea is consumed in India, China and Japan varies from the way tea drink is consumed in English tea rooms and garden parties।

The hot tea recipe is often simple if you are not adding any exotic spices to the mix. In India ground spices as cardamom, cinnamon and shreds of ginger are more popular additives to the tea recipe when other masalas or spices are added it becomes spice tea or masala chai as is popular in India.

The addition of mint or spearmint, chamomile and other flavors may appeal to a particular segment of tea lovers but in my opinion black and green tea are best had with milk and sugar or for black tea lovers without milk.

Spices or other tea extracts or additives have their own benefits, but the latter rules. For the newbie tea drink lover extra flavoring helps but as he specializes in the art of making tea he develops a taste for tea as brewed plain to get the full benefit of tea leaf.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Masala Chai Tea

Masal chai

Masala tea or spice tea is a wonderful mix with green tea or the finest organic black teas. Masala or ground spices are added beforehand while blending as Waghbakri Tea House does. Or you can add spices unto the tea recipe when making tea.

Darjeeing green tea needs less spicing as the flavor is over powering but adding spices to the tea leaf while blending benefit the health of the tea lover. Masala chai is very popular in India and is becoming well known all over the world.

Spices like cardamom seeds, ginger, ginseng and cinnamon add strength to the flavor and aroma of the teas and generate a wonderful taste. Floral spices as rose, chamomile and mint and peppermint also enhance the taste with their own added health benefits.

Tea is a hot beverage hence tea consumptions rises in the winters. Tea lovers fight of cold with a hot cup of tea..or is it an excuse to drink more tea...for me it is both..he!he!

Assam tea is more of the popular black tea with fine taste that the tea estate are so well known about. Buy online and relish the wonderful beverage hot or iced. Contact this tea lover for more details on tea.

You can buy tea online from anywhere now thanks to Internet and eshopping. I have bought masala chai tea bags and loose leaf cartons regularly and choose to buy online as often as possible from among many varieties of teas available.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Green Tea

The finest green tea come from Assam State and Darjeeling district of West Bengal. The healthy organic green tea grown without using chemicals is best preferred for health. It contains beneficial anti oxidants that curb and cure many disease.
Organic and green tea are available in tea bags and loose leaf cartons. You canbuy online the finest teas for your consumption of the taste ful brew. No wonder it is referred to as the cup that cheers. The Assam tea is very popular both the green and black teas and their organice form.
The certified Darjeelin tea is king of teas with sweet fruity flavour with a touch of herbal green. It is more popular among premium tea lovers and in English tea rooms. They are priced higher then black and green teas from other states of India.
They can be consumed with spices these recipe are called masala chai and much preferred by tea lovers all over the world. These spice teas help one for health benefit as well as impart strong pleasant flavors. Masala tea or spice tea are available online as well and you can buy in tea bag or cartons as you please.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Grean tea leaf wonder beverage

I never get tired of praising the flavor of the finest green teas that come from Darjeeling and Assam. The myriads of varieties enthrall a tea lover like me. The variety of tea grown in India is mind boggling. These tea varieties are being exported to every nook and corner of the world. People buy tea online which is easiest and the fastest way to buy tea. Since the inception online tea shops have come up on tea exporter web sites. Thanks to Internet one can import tea from tea growing countries, tea house and suppliers in tea bags, cartons and large quantities as well.

I prefer to buy green tea leaf as it conforms to my style of making tea. I follow a simple tea recipe.
Boil water add sugar.
Let the mix come to a boil.
Add green tea leaves
Let the mix come to a slow boil.
Turn of the heat and let the mix simmer.
Add pre boiled hot milk.

Start sipping. What you get is aroma on your palate as well up your nostril and unto all in your neighborhood who have not yet experienced the pleasure of green tea beverage. Tea leaves from Assam and Darjeeling are available to tea buyers from all over the globe in exquisitely designed cartons and exotic pet jars for gift.

Since the aroma and flavor of organic green tea (Camellia sinensis) is so powerful one need not add any spices. Or eh! A dash of your chai.

Like wise green tea bags are also very good and portable. When I am traveling I carry my favorite Wagh Bakri brand tea bags. This keeps me in touch with my brand...All I have to do is order a cup of sugared milk and dip dip it goes

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Green Tea

The finest green tea comes from India from the state of Assam. Tea consumption is growing all over the world and green tea is relished by connoisseurs. The best tea sellers in India are Wagh Bakri Tea Company (Pronounced as Vaag Buck Re) based in Ahmadabad India. The tea corporation sells tea in various packings and has avast variety of finest Indian teas. The company is exporting to USA, Europe, Japan, Germany and all over the world.

The company deals in Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea and the finest Darjeeling Tea from the tea gardens of India. The hand picked Indian teas are carefully blended by skilled tea tasters employed by the company.

Chai as tea is called in India is a popular beverage sipped in morning and evenings as well as throughout the day by many tea lovers. Tea popularity is growing day by day and this wonderful cup enriches many good mornings across the globe.

Organic tea in the tea bags is the main focus of attraction for tea lovers all over the world who often buy tea online at eshopping site that Waghbakritea company has on the Internet.