Sunday, August 12, 2007

Masala Chai Tea

Masal chai

Masala tea or spice tea is a wonderful mix with green tea or the finest organic black teas. Masala or ground spices are added beforehand while blending as Waghbakri Tea House does. Or you can add spices unto the tea recipe when making tea.

Darjeeing green tea needs less spicing as the flavor is over powering but adding spices to the tea leaf while blending benefit the health of the tea lover. Masala chai is very popular in India and is becoming well known all over the world.

Spices like cardamom seeds, ginger, ginseng and cinnamon add strength to the flavor and aroma of the teas and generate a wonderful taste. Floral spices as rose, chamomile and mint and peppermint also enhance the taste with their own added health benefits.

Tea is a hot beverage hence tea consumptions rises in the winters. Tea lovers fight of cold with a hot cup of tea..or is it an excuse to drink more tea...for me it is both..he!he!

Assam tea is more of the popular black tea with fine taste that the tea estate are so well known about. Buy online and relish the wonderful beverage hot or iced. Contact this tea lover for more details on tea.

You can buy tea online from anywhere now thanks to Internet and eshopping. I have bought masala chai tea bags and loose leaf cartons regularly and choose to buy online as often as possible from among many varieties of teas available.

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