Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Green Tea

The finest green tea come from Assam State and Darjeeling district of West Bengal. The healthy organic green tea grown without using chemicals is best preferred for health. It contains beneficial anti oxidants that curb and cure many disease.
Organic and green tea are available in tea bags and loose leaf cartons. You canbuy online the finest teas for your consumption of the taste ful brew. No wonder it is referred to as the cup that cheers. The Assam tea is very popular both the green and black teas and their organice form.
The certified Darjeelin tea is king of teas with sweet fruity flavour with a touch of herbal green. It is more popular among premium tea lovers and in English tea rooms. They are priced higher then black and green teas from other states of India.
They can be consumed with spices these recipe are called masala chai and much preferred by tea lovers all over the world. These spice teas help one for health benefit as well as impart strong pleasant flavors. Masala tea or spice tea are available online as well and you can buy in tea bag or cartons as you please.

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