Monday, May 25, 2015

Tea & Me - Interesting Snacks to Go Along With

Bhel Puri By Nandita Amin

Chaat By Nandita Amin
Though tea is routinely consumed in India by a large populace few enjoy snacking with it the way it should be. Most of the time the beverage is just gushed down the phagus line to deliver. I think we have an interesting line of snacks that can make the routine consumption of tea into a ritualistic fervor and a gastronomic delight. 
Poha Jelebi By Rashi

Some of the common snacks in the country are the samosa, bhajiyas, pakoras and chevda. The imagination hardly runs beyond these commoners. Hence I am on a spurge of discovery as to what repertoire of finger foods will offer a creative binge to tea time.     

I remember how much we used to relish Gujarati Bhakri with Fresh White Butter in our younger days. The cook is no more and the butter has turned yellow.   

My proclivity is definitely towards Gujju snacks being one myself. Hence Fadfa Jalebi is another good accompaniment available mostly in Gujarati towns but it is slowly creeping elsewhere thanks to migratory Gujju populace. I once had cabbage pakoras a specialty of a border township at Nepal border in Lakhimpur Kehri in UP not forgetting Mirchi Pakoras near Sitapur which delivered no biting hot singe but a gently flavor. 

Dhokras and Khakras are very popular all over India and I love them along with tea. Dry Phulkis are my recent favorite thanks to innovation at Courtyard House in Kanha. The mashed potatoes, boiled chick peas and spices are added inside with topping of tomato sauce. All this to avoid water for Firangees. This also goes down well with sun downers. 

Bhel Puri and Pani Puri, infact all chaat items do not go well with at all. Sweet based snacks do not gel well not at least for real tea drinkers. One exception is Jelebi which by necessity is a breakfast item.

Simple bread and butter or cheese seandwich goes well with black tea but loaded sandwiches, cutlets and aloo parathe uh! oh!

Snacks with Subtle Salty Flavor are ideal as tea accompaniment.
Chai Samosa
Dhokla by Nandita Amin

Ginger Tea