Friday, September 4, 2015

Video Relationship & Wagh Bakri Tea

Rishto Ki Garmahat

Relationship can only happen with Wagh Bakri Tea

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Tealicious Brew That Cheers

Say Cheers! Well this is not done only with drinks this is done also with tea.Well if not said the brew does create a cheerful ambiance and enlivens your spirit. Regular sipping of premium teas is a soulful melody an aspect the keeps the spirit high of the depressed.     

Well green tea does this with small amount of harmful caffeine unlike coffee. And the presence of EGCG accelerates your metabolism and burns extra fat. Hence this beverage facilitates weight loss. Something more to cheer thanks to EGCG.  

There are many different opinions regard as to which brew is the best Green, White, Oolong or Black. Well in my opinion all work the same.  Though white and green variants have more antioxidants all these hot beverage pack the same punch as far as enlivening your body. It is not only the chemicals, it is the aroma and taste that jars your sensual apparatus and awakens.     

Spices added in the right amount give a tremendous boost  to your spirits. Hence in India people go for the masala chai with mind boggling variants of mix. Cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardomon, mint you name them and they all work.

Say Cheers! They Tealicious Way!   

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tea House - Cafe & Lounge

Its  all about tea and vendors. Cafe, Coffee Shops, Tea Lounges and hidden restaurants that focus on tea in Mumbai. 

Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge 

The first tea lounge in India offers tealicious range of WB teas and delicious choice of snacks. An excellent meeting place offers ideal option for parties and business meet.  There are two joints in Mumbai one is  situated Off Hanuman Road, Ville Parle Mumbai. The other is situated at BKC Bandra East.    

NCPA Cafe 

Situated bang opposite the Arabian Sea the cafe serves hot beverages as well as delicious food. It provides a refreshing and tranquil retreat in the maddening crowd of the mega city we call Mumbai.  

Tea Villa 

The joint offers mind boggling range of teas to its customers. Promises long hours and refreshing brew as tealicious escape for the rush.  
Cafe in The House 

Ideal for casual repast and some energizing beverages.
Kala Ghoda Cafe

Part cafe, part bakery and an excellent eatery. Stroll around the gallery in this excellent meeting place in Ropewalk Lane.   
Chai Coffee

As the name suggests serves both chai and coffee. Best place for cutting chai and keema pav. 

For more Information Visit WB Tea Lounge

The Tripoto Site

Cooking With Tea - Tealicious

The wonderful hot oops and cold beverage is there for sipping right? Wrong it is there for cooking as well. Yes the leaves are added in food. Our own Indian cooking is a fine example were the leaves are added for color as in Chole.  

So take a fine blend of the leaves and start cooking. You never know, the contemporary trend is of innovation in cooking. Hook on to a food channel and discover mind boggling fusion cooking taking place. I was reading on an online portal called  about many recipes that use the tea leaves for creating mind boggling food.    

Best types of leaves used for cooking are the jasmine flavored ones. Another wonder addition is the Darjeeling Leaf. Lapsang Souchong another good choice. Genmacha and flowery Matcha from Japan. Addition of Indian Chai Masala can create wonder. So don the apron and light the stove. Here Goes!  

Here are some examples. 

Smoked Tea Duck

The crust in this case is created using the leaves and rice. This result in a crispy tealicious crust.  

Leaf Crusted Tofu

A crust of leaves is created and cooked along with mushrooms and cabbage.   
Green Tea in Soup 

Simmer in vegetables and broth the choicest green leaves and create a mind boggling soup.  

Darjeeling Dashi

Japanese soup stock with Darjeeling Leaves! Tealicious! 

Chai Spiced Cookies

Using English Breakfast Chai Leaves the extra softened bread creates tealicious cookies!
Cran Berry Green Tea Smoothie

Delicious and loaded with antioxidants. 

Black Berry Leaf Sorbet 

A refreshing desert with energizing black leaves post dinner! 

Find here recipe details at sunset Tea Recipies

Tealicious - A taste that tingles

I may have tasted many blends of tea as a regular consumer but what has increased my fixation to this wonder beverage are the Darjeeling and Premium Black Leaf Variants.

Darjeeling Leaf is grown in the notified gardens of the District of Darjeeling in the Indian State of West Bengal. Though the seeds sown were of  Chinese origin  the plant grew well and yielded leaf of amazing aroma and taste.

The premium production of this wonderful aromatic leaf depends upon the flush and also the estate it is produced in. The Tea Board of India certifies the authenticity of the produce. To bring the cost lower the leaf is also blended with premium black leaves. But this is not always the case as blending with the black leaf may yield a mix with superlative taste.  

Assam produces one of the finest black teas in India. While the leaf is cultivated in highlands in Darjeeling in this State it is cultivated at sea level. The State is a major producer and has large number of garden producing quality leaf. It is also known for its deep color and malty taste. It finds use in many exotic blends as well. But consumption is completely consumed by Indian masses. A part of exquisite premium blends are exported to UK and many other countries since ages.

Both Assam and certified Darjeeling tea are exported to exported to UK and many other countries. The finest premium blends are not for mass consumption cost prohibiting. But small quantities are added to create fine brands for mass consumption.    

Both teas are tealicious just buy, brew and enjoy.  

Teaplomacy - Unite & Create Bonds

One of the most desired and consumed hot beverage has a magnetic charm as well. The ritual gives rises to a level of teaplomacy that enlivens and seals relationships. The process  begins with the making of chai and the wait that creates an ambiance of serenity, generates positive thoughts and vibes. This is the magic of chai as the host or the stall owner get busy brewing.     

Whence on invite there is always an air of expectancy thanks to multiple styles of brewing and mind boggling variants. Once I was surprised by cinnamon tea whence on tour. The hosts was marveling at his wife's recipe of the hot beverage, it brought my tongue tingling and the I was not disappointed.  In spite of the distance the urge is strong for another rendezvous.  
Opening Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge

Our Prime Minister always invites International Guests PMs and Presidents on a meet where the brew is the focal point. Just pour a cup for the guest and see how the magic happens. It is one of the most appeasing gesture some what similar to making a drink for a fellow. 

Not only high profile meetings it is a casual get together between friends and relatives that the hot beverage enlivens. Chai offers an event a purpose and a memorable one at that. Hence learn to brew a perfect concoction and you will be successful at making relations and cementing bonds. 

It is the chemistry that unfolds as aroma fills your nostrils and the taste that tingles your taste buds. The energizing tealicious drink never fails to deliver.    

To Chalo Chai Ho Jaye!