Monday, August 31, 2015

The Tealicious Brew That Cheers

Say Cheers! Well this is not done only with drinks this is done also with tea.Well if not said the brew does create a cheerful ambiance and enlivens your spirit. Regular sipping of premium teas is a soulful melody an aspect the keeps the spirit high of the depressed.     

Well green tea does this with small amount of harmful caffeine unlike coffee. And the presence of EGCG accelerates your metabolism and burns extra fat. Hence this beverage facilitates weight loss. Something more to cheer thanks to EGCG.  

There are many different opinions regard as to which brew is the best Green, White, Oolong or Black. Well in my opinion all work the same.  Though white and green variants have more antioxidants all these hot beverage pack the same punch as far as enlivening your body. It is not only the chemicals, it is the aroma and taste that jars your sensual apparatus and awakens.     

Spices added in the right amount give a tremendous boost  to your spirits. Hence in India people go for the masala chai with mind boggling variants of mix. Cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardomon, mint you name them and they all work.

Say Cheers! They Tealicious Way!   

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