Saturday, May 10, 2008

Popular green teas

Green tea beverage is made from leaves of Camellia sinensis which under minimal oxidation when being processed. The origin of green tea leaf is from China and spread to India and other tea drinking countries.

Green tea leaf is becoming largely popular in the Western countries as well especially to countries which have started consuming black variety. Like black variety that of green tea have come into picture. One of the finest quality green leaf comes from the Darjeeling tea estates in India.The difference arises from region, climate, soil and method of cultivation and processing. The rising popularity is also due to the health benefits it offers especially organic leaf which is green tea grown without using chemicals.

In China Zhejiang is home to most famous of teas. Xi Hu Longjing is pan friend and has a flat appearance. Other tea varieties Hui Ming, Long Ding, Hua Ding, Zucha and Qing Ding.

Japanese Green Leaf

Gokuru is a steamed tea from Japan. Most popular green brew in Japan as Genmaicha. It was brought to Japan by a Buddhist priest from China.

Green Tea from Ceylon is not so popular and does not find a worldwide market.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tea: How to enjoy best

If tea tasting and blending are an art so is the way it is prepared. Tea preparation and serving is something perhaps a regular party giver or tea ceremony holder would hold expertise in. It is a hosts delight to serve this hot brew to his or her esteemed guests.

Tea preparation begins with choosing the leaf. In informal circumstances exquisite tea varieties are not a must since cost matters. Taking the weather into consideration strong, dark tea with astringent flavor suits the best, where as in hot weather brew with subtle aroma and sweet taste is more befitting. In the case of former black leaf should be used where as in the case of latter green leaf is apt.

When serving tea in informal occasions, porcelain cups and saucers should be used. The cups brimming with hot beverage should be served on a plain tray along with biscuits and other light snacks.

In case of formal occasions as tea parties and ceremonies, the finest variety of leaf with strong aroma and subtle muscatel taste should be used. A fine example is Darjeeling black and green tea leaf. Premium variety of Assam black leaf also befits the occasion.

The recipe should always be plain and simple with or without milk. Spices and condiments should never be added as they spoil the original flavor of the tea leaf. The connoisseurs would prefer the drink this way.

Special care should be taken whence preparing the brew. The water should be boiled and then allowed to simmer. The leaves should be added during this phase and should be allowed to soak in for some time. As soon as the strong aroma of the leaves starts to emanate from the steaming brew the mixture should be strained.

This recipe gives fine tasting black tea brew. If milk has to be added then it should be done whence serving.

Whence serving exquisitely designed bone china or silver cups and saucers should be used along with kettles of same quality that hold the black leaf and milk. Specially designed containers should be used to hold sugar cubes. The black tea should be gently poured into the cups. Milk should be poured too for those who wish to have it that way. Along with tea, light sandwiches, snacks and biscuits find good accompaniments.