Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ancient Chinese Healing Science Using Green Tea

Unlike the Western Civilization Asian Countries specially the Chinese have been using the green tea brew to heal many diseases. They Chinese have been using this brew for preventing and curing many disease like cancer. 

The consumption of green tea drink and extract has been incorporated in the Chinese lifestyle. The health beneficial brew contains many chemical compounds that benefit humans who consume it. This goes with the regular black tea as well but it is said that during the fermentation some beneficial chemicals are destroyed.   

The usage of  green tea in Chinese System of medicine has been carefully researched in order to discover how this brew or extract fights deadly tumors and dementia. 

The key ingredient EGCG prevents cell damage which is the precursor to cancer. EGCG is five time more effective than Resveratrol that is present in red wine and lowers cholesterol level in humans.The chemical also prevents blood clotting in the circulatory system which is the primary cause of  strokes and heart attacks. The prevalence of EGCG in leaf of green variety is because of steaming which preserves the chemical. In other forms of leaf the chemical is converted into other less beneficial chemicals because of fermentation.      

Hence healthy eating habits, regular exercise along with fresh fruits and green tea are all ingredients for long life and happiness.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tea Lounge - Creating a Sense of Comunity

The coffee houses in Jabalpur and elsewhere had a unique character and some still do.  One could laze around for hours and chat along over a cup of coffee and puffs of cigarette (No more puffs now). They became a meeting ground for groups till they where turned into family restaurants.    

Any way this way or that way people still group around in many coffee houses like they used to do in the yesteryear. The coffee house drew and shaped the character of the people who became a community some with a purpose, some with a movement and some just whiling their time away.  

This idea was adopted by the tea lounges that emerged in the recent times. Jonathan Spiel's tea lounge in NY has so impressed the entrepreneur that he was invited by a Kuwaiti businessmen to open a franchise in his country.   

The tea lounges serve many varieties of teas steeped and brewed as per taste. Some also sell exotic loose form of teas to the visitors. Unlike the coffee houses with plain an simple decor the tea lunges are jazzed up to the tee. The fantastic ambiance emulates coffee shops in five star resorts that are the hanging grounds of jet set.    

Wagh Bakri House has been at the forefront of this in India. The tea company has opened lounges in New Delhi & Mumbai. These keep all the promises that they make and are an instant hit with the youngsters. These popular tea lounges in India also serve cookies and light snacks like sandwiches and samosa. There is one more lounge in Mumbai at Bandra and one in Aurangabad City. More such joints are in offing.        

The lounges sell fine tea blends including the masala chai spiced up with cardamom, lemon grass, ginger, cinnamon etc. The snacks list runs large and include traditional items like bhakerwadi, dhokla, khandvi besides paneer puff, chilli paneer roll, sandwiches, hot dog and burger etc.