Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Ancient Chinese Healing Science Using Green Tea

Unlike the Western Civilization Asian Countries specially the Chinese have been using the green tea brew to heal many diseases. They Chinese have been using this brew for preventing and curing many disease like cancer. 

The consumption of green tea drink and extract has been incorporated in the Chinese lifestyle. The health beneficial brew contains many chemical compounds that benefit humans who consume it. This goes with the regular black tea as well but it is said that during the fermentation some beneficial chemicals are destroyed.   

The usage of  green tea in Chinese System of medicine has been carefully researched in order to discover how this brew or extract fights deadly tumors and dementia. 

The key ingredient EGCG prevents cell damage which is the precursor to cancer. EGCG is five time more effective than Resveratrol that is present in red wine and lowers cholesterol level in humans.The chemical also prevents blood clotting in the circulatory system which is the primary cause of  strokes and heart attacks. The prevalence of EGCG in leaf of green variety is because of steaming which preserves the chemical. In other forms of leaf the chemical is converted into other less beneficial chemicals because of fermentation.      

Hence healthy eating habits, regular exercise along with fresh fruits and green tea are all ingredients for long life and happiness.  

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