Saturday, May 12, 2007

Green Tea

The finest green tea comes from India from the state of Assam. Tea consumption is growing all over the world and green tea is relished by connoisseurs. The best tea sellers in India are Wagh Bakri Tea Company (Pronounced as Vaag Buck Re) based in Ahmadabad India. The tea corporation sells tea in various packings and has avast variety of finest Indian teas. The company is exporting to USA, Europe, Japan, Germany and all over the world.

The company deals in Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea and the finest Darjeeling Tea from the tea gardens of India. The hand picked Indian teas are carefully blended by skilled tea tasters employed by the company.

Chai as tea is called in India is a popular beverage sipped in morning and evenings as well as throughout the day by many tea lovers. Tea popularity is growing day by day and this wonderful cup enriches many good mornings across the globe.

Organic tea in the tea bags is the main focus of attraction for tea lovers all over the world who often buy tea online at eshopping site that Waghbakritea company has on the Internet.

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