Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot tea snacks

Not every bite goes down well with a cup of tea. What goes well an experienced tea lover knows.

Tea is seldom to be consumed alone except when in for anytime brew to fight cold or just to get that shot that cheers. Else organized sessions which are mostly morning and evening but for some could be at any other time of the day.

While having tea as a daily routine in organized sessions one should always consume light snacks along. This is for two reason to maintain a healthy diet structure and to reduce the possible increase in stomach acidity levels.

Best accompaniments for a party are light snacks which are not heavily spiced and sweets like cakes and pastries which are not soaked in sugar. In India the most popular accompaniments are chiwada, fried peanuts, sev, samosas and ubiquitous pakoras. Seldom is tea consumed along with a heavy meals though there are lovers whom I have seen having hot strong black tea with lunch and dinner.

The food switches drastically in English tea rooms where the offerings are light sandwich or cookies and cakes. The leaf favored is not the usual black leaf but expensive Darjeeling tea leaf. This leaf is highly aromatic and very subtle in taste with lighter color than other black teas.

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