Monday, December 21, 2009

Indian Tea

Indian tea is unique and chai as it is called in Hindi is made and drunk in unique manner as well. Chai ot hot tea in India is made with mixture of milk and water. At many places a strong dose of spices is added especially in winters. This masala chai tea is very hot and is said to be useful during cough and cold.

Of the tea leaves most popular are fine Darjeeling leaf be it green, organic and black. Darjeeling leaf is in premium category and expensive. Most widely consumed is Assam black variety this leaf comes in various range depending upon quality, aroma and taste.

Nilgiri leaf has gained popularity in recent times. It is mostly grown in South and has a unique characteristic taste. Most of the Indian blends are composed of  various range of Darjeeling and Assam leaves. The taste, aroma and flavor depends upon the choice of leaves used.      

Though large population of Indian drink plain tea with milk and water sugar of course many add a dash of lemon, ginger, mint and dalchini  or cinnamon. Though green tea is widely becoming popular in India, it is black that is consumed the most. Most popular among  tea brands is Wagh Bakri  which is my favorite. The company is a family of master blenders and tasters. The art has ascended down from generations. 

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