Wednesday, July 31, 2013

English Teas and Ceremonies; History of origin of tea

English Teas and Ceremonies originated early at the time of British. They consumed unprocessed green tea processed in boiling water. This was very beneficial for the human body to keep fit and healthy. English tea is a hot drink which is enjoyed at home as well at the working place. It keeps people fresh and energetic as it changes the body temperature. Tea is used as a medicine as well and as a manner to celebrate an occasion.

Tea enhances learning capacity and helps in sharpening the memory. It also becomes one of the reasons to keep the people in touch with each other. This is one of the essential drinks taken along with the breakfast. Some people are just crazy about it they love to have it and enjoy it with great joy and happiness. One of the essential items to celebrate any occasion is tea. The beverage was introduced by the British in India and from that time it has become part of lifestyle.

At that time the British used to have unprocessed tea. This possessed many antiseptic qualities and cured people from many diseases. This hot beverage is liked in cold days as it gives warmth and helps in controlling body temperature. People even drink about 2-3 cups in a day to keep themselves energetic and active in order to perform their tasks nicely.

Top 7 brands of tea

•    Wagh Bakri is one of the famous brands. The company blends the finest leaves and sells them under many brands which are worldwide famous and well liked.
•    Society brand is mostly liked among the people during functions.
•    Duncan’s double diamond tea is one of the famous brands among the leading one.
•    Brooke Bond red label tea is one of the high revenue products of Hindustan Unilever and a popular brand name.
•    Taj Mahal is also of the high segment revenue product of Hindustan Unilever and gives a satisfactory taste to the people.
•    Tata tea is one of the in demand products from the House of Tatas.
•    Lipton’s famous product is Lipton tea but as compared to the above mentioned product it’s not that popular.

Different types of tea

Tea Ceremony is one of the reasons to invite someone home or to go out with friends and relatives. Different brands of tea are available in the market which can be consumed according to one’s taste. Different age groups of people like different types of teas with different brand names. There are various types of this beverage like chai, ice tea, green tea, bubble tea etc. These are available and made in home as well as in market.
Tea has become the drink during celebrations and gives happiness to number of people.

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