Thursday, July 25, 2013

Green Tea The Okinawa Observations

Okinawa is a Japanese Island renowned world over for healthiest older people on Earth.  The older generation in this Island has a life span of eighty years and above. They are known for their agility and active lifestyle in spite of their age.  

After many conjectures it was discovered that this attribute was due to a type of tea consumption known as Jasmine Green Tea.  This is also known as San Pin Tea in local lingo and the elderly consume large amounts. The health benefits accrue from this consumption and decrease if the consumption is reduced. This has been noted amongst the Okinawa population that has moved away from this island.   

The clue to this amazing fact is quality green tea as in the case of San Pin. The tea contains the youngest leaves picked from the plant. The plant is cultivated seasonally at moderate heights and has limited fluoride contents.

For those not in habit of consuming the wonderful brew green tea extract is the answer. The extract accords all the benefits that arise out of the green tea. The antioxidants, poly phenols and ECGC are all present in the magic leaf.  This leaf is known to benefit in cardiac ailments, diabetes, cancer and help reduce weight. 

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