Thursday, November 21, 2013

All is good about tea - But

All is good about tea but do not drink it in excess. Excessive tea consumption can lead to acidity hence stomach upset. Albeit there is no evidence about the harmful effects of this brew excessive consumption of any substance is bad.

Large amount of green tea consumption can cause problems hence a doctor should be consulted first. Although no harmful effects of tea consumption have been noted but the high concentration caffeine can cause problems. However green tea or less processed teas are certainly beneficial because of polyphenol which is an excellent antioxidant. 

The beneficial chemicals present in the tea leaf percolate down to  the brew. These are the agents which regulate human health, prevent disease and make the body resistant to many ills.  Researchers attribute various benefits to different types of teas available in the market. The plant in all the cases is the same but its variety differs which brings about change in the flavor. The major difference arises in the way leaf is processed. Less processed leaves retain much of the health beneficial chemicals whilst those grown under different shades of sun retain some chemicals with different health attributes.     

Green tea lowers bad cholesterol, helps maintain blood pressure and prevents hardening of arteries on regular consumption. Similarly studies have shown green tea to be beneficial in case of various ailments. With more in depth research evidence that supports curative properties of the tea will emerge.     

Health is important yes! But whence the agent that cures offers mouth watering taste, wonderful aroma and  cheers what more you need. Consider health benefits as additional benefit.  

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