Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Earl Grey Tea Some Facts

A tea blend flavored with fruity peels or rinds define Earl Grey blend.  The most popular is the one in which Bergamot Orange Peel Oil is used incidentally the orange is grown in Italy. Similarly some of the flavorings used are blue cornflower blossoms, pieces of citrus peel in Russian Earl Grey which often contains lemon grass and rooibos in Red Earl Grey. 

Other varieties of this blend are Lavender Lady Grey and Citrus Lday Grey which are a combination of Earl Grey with Lavender and Saville Oranges. Subsequently many variations of this famous blend were created.  

These blends are named after an English Aristocrat called Charles Grey. The creation of this blend is probably a hypothesis some attribute it to an accidental development. Traditionally the oil of Bergamot flavoring is applied to black tea.  

This blend is widely used as flavoring for cakes, pastries, sauces and many kinds of chocolates.  

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