Saturday, November 29, 2014

World's Best Tea Leaves

Although Darjeeling Leaves are one of the finest teas in the World many sites do not mention the wonder.  Hence after collecting lot of information here is short list.   

Dryer Mouth grown in Kenya is considered as one of the World's finest. An antioxidant rich leaf it has robust and full bodied flavor and hence favored by many connoisseurs all over the globe.  Most surprising aspect about this wonderful black tea is its health beneficial contents. The brew is many times richer in beneficial contents and antioxidants.   

Dryer Mouth is there considered as one of the leaves that fight cancer, cardiovascular disease and many other ailments. The cost of the leaves is somewhat expensive whence considered with popular Indian leaves. It is sold by Elemental Tea Company   

Tulsi Ginger Green Tea by Organic India is one of my favorites to fight off cold.  The Tulsi in it delivers many health benefits and for flavor I add Wagh Bakri Assam Black Tea to the brew.  I sometimes add extra fresh ginger to get some zing. 

Ceylon Souchang is a single estate leaf grown in Rilhena by Dilmah Company a leading house in Sri Lanka. Smoked over cinnamon wood the leaf accords unique woody flavor which is most liked by the connoisseurs.     

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