Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Tea Campaigns

The tea campaign by the Association continued in India unabated. The campaign was yet to enter Indian homes especially the housewife.  To make the beverage popular in households women were the key but they could be tempted by the stall large and big keeping the conservative attitudes in mind.

The strategy to entice this elite clientele used was simple. Visit Indian homes and train the better halves to make the brew.  Street by street the brew was popularized in the homes. Towns big and small were all targeted with effective fervor. The  success was earmarked by invitations that the campaigners received from homes for demonstrations. But the campaign in the villages was most successful in the first half of the 1900.      
The Indian army too was targeted apart from villages and the tea consciousness came about rapidly.  Such was the success of these campaigns that the consumption became not only a household phenomenon it also became institutionalized.  

This must have the first ever marketing campaign in such mass scale that initiated a habit so strong that it has become a phenomenon.

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