Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tangy Zesty & Estatic - Absolutely Tealicious Cuppa Chai

Monday Morning Freshness! 

A night before scrap some lemony zest in cupful of water. Let it rest overnight for the water to absorb the bitter sweet tanginess  from the zests. Get up early in the morning (He!He!) wash your mouth and charge at the stove. Take a spoonful of leaves from a good brand, Wagh Bakri, Tata or Green leaves of Organic India. Best is to add both black and green variants in equal proportions.     

Sprinkle the leaves in the water containing zest and lift it to the stove. Now add a mix of cinnamon and cardamon powder. This will enhance the earthy and musky flavors of the leaves. Gung Ho bring the mixture to the boil and strain. 

Slurrp! There you have one of the most tealicious hot brew on Earth. Good Morning!   

Have it with Poha or zust bread and butter. Better still sip the cup full to savor the aroma without any conflict and then dive for brekky.  

I sip mine, predawn, at the balcony when the World is asleep.

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