Friday, September 9, 2011

A cup that cheers

In gloomy weather it is the cup that cheers. On a dark rainy day the clouds hang over you like bales of cotton soaked in black dye. Nothing can be more depressing than this while many would lean on Bacchus I prefer hot sizzling tea.  

This moment is best to consume the black tea and if it is from Darjeeling enjoy the Aroma as well. The hot beverage is a bundle of delights bad weather or good weather the brew gets you roaring. For long winter walks a flask and a mug will rejuvenate you and double your capacity to fight the bitter cold.  During my birding tours in the North this works the best in snow covered mountainous regions of Nainital

There are millions on Earth who reach for a cup of tea the first thing in the morning. Some drink this beverage all day long and for some it is a ritualistic or ceremonial indulgence. In summers you can sip tea during early mornings and late evening but not during the day unless it is ice tea. The ice tea is a recent introduction but has not caught the fancy of connoisseurs and regulars. 

Tea is all about robust aroma and subtle taste that tingles your taste buds no end. I am loggerheads with those who go for dark chai with flavor of over cooked burnt out constituents. Herbal tea is another thing that I cannot fathom this concoctions of  exotic herbs contains no tea leaf  and is more beneficial for the sick and ailing. But tea is health, tea is fun than why go for weird concoctions?   

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