Friday, September 9, 2011

Tea & Gujju Accompaniments

The best way to have tea is to drink it with some yummy snacks well many do. There are some traditional goodies that go down with this wonderful beverage in India.  The most common is the standard gota, bhajia, chewda, sev, and biscuits which go well during the evening tea session.  

A more generous savory would be the Indian Samosa which is very popular in North and Central India. Aloo Bonda is another savory that goes well along with the chai. The main ingredient in both the accompaniments is Aloo or potato which is mixed with lot of spices. The Samosa mix is then enclosed in a pancake shaped triangular by hand and then deep fried.  Aloo Bonda mix is dipped in a gram batter, shaped into round balls and deep fried.

People with western taste prefer cookies and cup cakes with this brew. But nothing beats the traditional Sev or Chiwda which is available everywhere and is ready to eat.  My personal preference is Samosa from chosen roadside stalls. This is one of the yummiest snack food available in India that beats its western counterparts like burger and pizza hands down. In Gujarat a type of samosa invented is flat crisp and small. They are  stuffed with lentils, potatoes etc and served with different types of chutneys. These are also known as Navtal ke Samosa they work well with tea.      

For those with desire to stomach something heavier then Aloo Paratha and or Bhakri with white butter is best during the breakfast. Sandwiches also go down well with the breakfast chai but nothing beats the two described here. Gujaratis have mastered the art of making different types of Indian breads right from Kakhara, Dhebra, Bazre Ka Rotla and many more, these are excellent accompaniments. Another yummy that goes down well is the Dhokla or its variant the Khaman. Methi na Gota and Handwo are a treat for snack lovers.   

Gujarati cuisine is one of the most varied in the World. Traditionally bent towards vegetarian, the number of snack foods are astounding. The Gujjus have stomach for light food but some dishes can bend you over. 

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