Monday, January 16, 2012

Green Tea: Weight Loss & Health Benefits It Works

It Works! You can loose weight by drinking green tea.

Research has shown and proven the health benefits of  green tea thanks to rich amount of antioxidants present in the leaf.

Research  Medical Studies Blah Blah! Lets come to the nitty gritty! Try it and see for yourself. relish the wonder brew every time you think of your health.

Regular tea drinkers have improved heart mechanism hence lower risk of disease.  It lowers blood pressure and fine tunes your digestive system.  Better metabolism means less risk of disease and obesity. 

A regulated hunger means weight loss! I have myself experienced absence of gluttonous craving for food after a cup of tea. Regular tea consumption about four or five time a day certainly regulates your diet.

All the green goodies present in the leaf help ward of disease and regulate your body mechanism/metabolism.

For all you know some fat burning chemicals in the leaf may chisel your body into shape. 

It is a trial the establishes fact but by the time a concrete evidence (you are looking for) emerges it will certainly be late for you so get unto the cup cheers. Long Life!     

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