Thursday, May 16, 2013

Green Tea Healthy or Not

The whole world is abuzz with a wonder that is green tea. Be it health benefits, weight loss and magical cure for major diseases. This is the most talked about beverage in the World. 

Though limited studies have been carried out on green tea health benefits the gains are obvious. First of all the tea itself is beneficial as it contains antioxidants and other healthy chemicals. It cheers what can be more healthy? 

Constant research is yielding positive results about the gains from drinking green tea. If we take this beverage and compare it with black tea which is consumed the most all over the World then green tea comes out to be the winner. 

The process in case of green tea is much short which helps preserve antioxidants and other healthy chemicals. This is not so in the case of black leaf where processing is longer with greater exposure to sun.   

The magic chemical is catechin which prevents damage from free radicals. These free radicals cause cancer and damage the free radical.  

How much green tea to drink? 

Well I personally believe that consumption of this hot beverage should be as a matter to routine. Consume it as an when you like to drink tea in your daily life. Normally people consume this hot beverage during the morning and evening that would amount to four cups. I would also suggest to drink it before night sleep. This would clear the whole oral cavity besides relaxing your nerves to augur sound sleep.  

There are many brands of green tea available in the market. Most of these are affordable but organic tea brands are costlier. The tea exporters process. blend and pack green tea in countries like India and China.  

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