Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tea Lounge - Doorway to a relaxed cheerful ambiance

It is a bar no it is a coffee shop no you buy snacks here. Well it is a tea lounge. These places comes in various shapes and size. Some are created out of a barn or a garage while the rest are upmarket posh restaurants that serve tea in various flavors. 

Wagh Bakri Tea Company has established to upmarket lounges one in New Delhi and other in Mumbai. These are bars where you can relax and sip the hot beverage. The choice is yours the tea company specializes in blending the finest leaves from all over India. These are processed and packed in hygienic conditions to be marketed in India and many other countries.    

The five star lounges are plush with warm interiors and located uptown. They serve hot tea beverage ranging from Darjeeling to finest black tea from Assam. You can order instant premix, iced teas and masala chai the latter being a ranging concept all over the Globe.    

In college days I used to frequent the coffee houses in Jabalpur. These were community places where you could sit for hours gossip, chat or fall into an intellectual discussion over a cup of coffee. Hence these houses were frequented by regulars mostly retired people, recluse and people who had nothing much to do. Well it was fun for us and we still do it but not most often. 

This is what the tea lounges promise - a community place with an added advantage of modern decor and stylish ambiance. In things is what you would refer them as well more are to come. These are for those who like cheerful places with delicious hot beverages and not the murky dingy alcohol bars.        

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