Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tea Cocktails - Sip to Glory

Tea Beverage is wonderful it is consumed as hot since its inception of mass scale. In recent time it is being consumed in cold form in the summers in many countries. The beverage has been evolving behind the scene and in the contemporary era tea cocktails have become very popular.

The ingredients used vary from herbs, aromatic oils, spices, liquor to powdered extracts. Many forms of green tea leaf are used along with other ingredients and processed. Gin and Rum as favorite additions with citrus fruit juices and peels.    

In case of a famous Earl Grey Infusion by a master Chef Called Raveen Misra the based used is Mark Bourbon and Bergamot Extract. The Earl Gray Leaf is boiled for half an hour to get the extract. This is one of the most popular whiskey sours in the cocktail circuit.  Instead of Angostura the chef uses lemon bitters and to the mix is added egg white and sugar syrup to create a tangy sweet citrus taste.    

The cocktails are always served at right temperature and garnished with tea leaves. These are very popular in parties and celebration. You must try. 

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