Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tea has plethora of uses

It is excellent for preventing dizziness whence standing up. It use with ginger is well known for clearing bad throats and preventing cold subsequently.  

Bizarre but true the leaf acts as a meat tenderizer and to produce cheese and boiled eggs and with its flavor. Using tea leaves after the brewing process as fertilizers and to enrich the compost is hugely beneficial. Even if you are not using the leaves for these purposes you should rather throw used leaves into the potted plants of your garden. Being biodegradable the leaves act as fertilizers and enrich the soil as well. These are most popularly used in rose gardens.    

Cleaning rugs carpets and cloths is possible with tea leaves after they have been used. The leaves wipe out the greasy imprints from car glasses, window panes and what not. 

The leaves prove effective for de-stinking refrigerators, toilets, body parts etc. They are used for treating acne, blisters, scars, and so on. The brew is also a mouth freshener and  removes bad odors whence drunk in the morning or after meals.Warm tea bags whence used as patches relieve eye sore and refresh sight, 

The leaves have also been used to create strong paints used by artists as well as dyes for delicate fabrics. It is a fragrant leaf with healthy chemicals that sets your morning roaring o why not be curious and discover more uses besdies flavors.

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