Thursday, December 11, 2014

Worlds Best Green Teas

About Green Tea Taste

The dull grassy and herbal taste needs to be acquired. The brew is first introduced as health beneficial or weight loss tea but later a taste is acquired making it habitual. Among the hundreds of varieties of this leaf few are on the list of top sellers.  

Brewing: While brewing the tea mild temperatures have to be maintained such that the aroma and taste is not lost. Over brewing may also result in bitter taste that can mar the delicate flavor of the green leaves.    

Some of the major green leaf blenders in India are Tata Tetley, Wagh Bakri, Organic India, Brooke Bond and Eco Valley. Some the finest blends popular across the globe are:  

Dragon Well Green Leaf from Zhejiang Region of Chinese Mainland

Green Tea from Mount Fuji Japan

Gunpowder from Numi Organic

Tropical Orange Leaf by Shangri La

Blackberry Mojito by Teevana

These are some of the finest leaves available online from the source. 

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