Friday, January 2, 2015

Expressing your taste through various popular tea recipes – give your tongue a unique flavor

Although the basic ingredients for making tasteful and vibrant tea will remain the same comprising of milk, sugar and leaves but what brings the difference is the process of preparing the brew. You might across different tastes of tea cup while visiting to your friend’s or relative’s home or even the nearby restaurant but taste will always differ. Yes, this is because of the differences in the preparation techniques.

Typical and primary recipe

You may like to prepare a cup of tea by adding some fresh green leaves into boiling water to make a extract which can be directly consumed. This is the most primary and typical way of preparing the brew, running since the oldest memorable time period. However, the taste and flavor may change colors owing to variations used.

Making dust tea

The basic concept which remains intact with making the hot beverage with the help of processed tea dust or leaves is that they will release the chemicals and other ingredients when they are brought in touch with the hot milk or water. Of course, milk will give a different taste, color and flavor to the liquid used and you can consume the extract in various ways.

Traditions of milk and sugar

Various people would like to add different proportions of sugar and milk so that classical touch can be given. No doubt, some of the people may not like to add milk rather they make tea with refined sugar only.

Boiling water and tea dust or leaves

At home, the brew is prepared with the help of tea dust or leaves poured into boiling water which is filtered to a clean cup or jar. After this, you can add some pure milk and appropriate amount of sugar to give the mixture a definite color, flavor and strength. However, when you add raw leaves into boiling water, you will have to boil it for some extra time.

In adding to the above mentioned procedures, dust can be directly mixed to the boiling milk after which sugar is added. Tea dust mixed here should be lesser in quantity as milk will try to absorb all the ingredients so that it tastes much better.

Retail chai shops recipes

While reaching at the nearby chai shops and canteens, you will find the tea being made in larger volumes and quantity which may be sufficient for 50-100 people falling in a group. Of course, the process of making tea comprising of heat source, pans and blends will differ so that each of them gives a unique flavor to your tongue. However, star hotels will prepare tea in smaller amount tailored to the taste and interest of the guest!

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