Monday, January 19, 2015

Lets T it up - Party Guys

Sometimes I think tea companies should come up with some unique blends of this beverage for parties. The beverage could be hot and cold, a mix of dazzling cocktails with floral notes and fruity punch. Masala Chai could fit in the trendy parties with proper blending.

Tea trending is what can get rid of obnoxious booze/drug parties in case of young lot. I love drinks but would like to see it being balanced by lot of tea. Special snacks for these parties would be another good idea - foods that gel well with the brew.  

All this requires an innovative approach. One good thing that is happening in India is the success of tea lounges. These could well substitute for bars as hangouts and their utility as short business rendezvous is amazing.    

Discotheques and hookah bars serving this magic brew would also be welcome. Without alcohol you dance with the right steps. 

Toa Chalo Chai Ho Jaye!
Gujarat in India leads in offering tea to clients, business partners and relatives. The chai in plate concept runs wide all over this state. This limits the brew intake to the right levels. 

Like in Ahmadabad there are many City sit outs, chai carts and tiny shops that offer hang outs for the young collegians. These are good for distracting people from the lure of the hard liquor. Hic!      

Remember T augurs health - Booze buggers health and wealth. Hic! 

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