Saturday, June 20, 2015

Of Tasters & Blenders

The art of discovering fine qualities of tea leaves and then blending the is the job of tasters. Hence both blend into one but a taster may not necessarily be a blender since one could be a connoisseur.    

Most of the tasters have started their carriers with major companies like Lipton, Tetley Tata, Wagh Bakri, Godrej, Dilmah, Harada to name a few.  After having years of tasting various types of leaves from major gardens of the World many of them have moved into selling gourmet brands of their own. Well developed sensory organs assist the masters on road to success.

Big companies like Wagh Bakri have their own master blenders besides the owners being themselves expert at the task. Old companies are manned by experts that have done the job themselves. The big corporates have employees which are very good at the task. Blending is done using various kinds of leaves depending upon the strategy of the processors intended for targeted audience.
A Cup That Cheers

Tea Plucking

Tea Plant

Tea Garden
Many of the experts act a jury at Golden Leaf Awards apart from many other events that highlight the World's finest hot beverages. The consumption of this hot beverage is growing day by day not only green leaf for its health benefit but largely that of black leaf for its fantastic taste and flavor.  

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