Sunday, July 19, 2015

Tea: Tourism and About Darjeeling

Indian loves tea something they call "chai". Presumably a Chinese word and rightly so since many of the finest strains of tea has been imported in India. This does not mean that all our blends comprise of Chinese strain the plant flourished in North East India especially in Assam and was consumed like anywhere else in those days as a medicine.  

Unmindful or origin chai is indispensable in India day, noon, evening, mid night, predawn and early morning the cycle is never ending. That is not all birthdays, engagements, weddings, all parties, guest entertainment, business partners and clients, ceremonies, faltu time, kaamka time, bus sab kuch chai chahiye. 

In India it is Chai! Chai! & Chai!  

So whats new about this? 

Well as you seek God you should seek the truth about tea though not equal to God it is second to none on Earth. Hence the wiser ones are on to Tea Tourism. This simply means searching for the Gates to Heaven well not Haridwar but Darjeeling and more....  

The British had a great competitive spirit and to beat the Chinese monopoly they entered India. Well with tea plants from China and the processing secrets. They did everything to make tea plantation a huge success in India. The initial destinations were preferred to be Assam and Darjeeling in West Bengal both states of India.    

Darjeeling: Known as Queen of Hills is the country's most popular hill resort. It is also popular for the toy train that ferries tourists and locals alike. The beautiful holiday destination offers amazing sightseeing with Himalayas soaring in the backdrop. The cool climes has also given rise to a large number of verdant tea plantations. 

The Darjeeling Tea grown in these gardens is one of the most aromatic and musky. The connoisseurs know this fact but so does the common man. The price is high but if you love Darjeeling blends it does not matter. Popular all over the World this exotic blend is also popular as a gift item usually present in a basket.

Amongst the verdant hills of Darjeeling you visit the numerous gardens with amazing spread and unique produce. This is the best place spend one's holiday amidst cheers from a cup of chai.

Kanchenjunga looms large with its snow covered peaks and to add to the hillside beauty are numerous hills covered with grassy meadows and forests. Exploration takes place around the villages, monasteries and numerous gardens.      

The tour of picturesque destination is enhanced by the visit to the tea estates and the life prevailing there.

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