Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tea: Tourism & Assam

The wonder brew flourishes at no plain spaces it does so at amazing wonderlands. Tea in India grows in one of the most picturesque destinations that dazzle visitors expecting just plain fields laden with plantations.   

Assam is no less as beautiful as Darjeeling is. It is the largest producer of black leaf in the country. Popular all over the world specially in India the flavor is reminiscent of  malt flavor with dusky red color. The color is imparted whence the brew is brought to a boil. The chai wallahs are known to repeatedly boil the brew in order to extract the bitter malt flavor and a dark liquor.  

Assam grows premium and ordinary leaf the latter for mass consumption.None is less flavored than the order. The latter finds use on the streets as broken leaf and dust.   

Tea Plant
A visit to Assam gardens is an enthralling experience especially whence you learn how the leaf is cultivated and processed. Finest leaf is cultivated in these plantations some of which are as old as whence the production started in India.

Dodebetta View

There are many tour operators organizing visits to regions like Jorhat and Dibrugarh. Apart from sightseeing one visits the top gardens most of them built in colonial style. The age of customs and traditions that still govern life at tea gardens is worth knowing.     

Assam is home to many wilderness areas like Manas and Kaziranga. The tiger reserves and sanctuaries are home to many endemic species. Kaziranga is the best place to see one horned rhinoceros while Manas is home to the Golden Langur and Hoolock Gibbon.  

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