Monday, July 27, 2015

Amazing World of Cocktails & Teas

For large number of tea drinkers the leaf is limited to black and green ones. For many it is extended to Oolong or white leaf. As I am discovering the World of tea is like an expanding Universe. The more you delve into it the more you fathom.      

For a regular tea drinker some of the cocktail combinations appear bizarre. But nevertheless the popularity can easily be gauged hence these drinks deserve a try. Most of the recipes are handiwork of expert chefs hence a wait is required till the products percolate down as household recipes, or in cans or bottles.     

Here are some of the products used in various cocktail recipes. 

Jasmine Green Tea
Black Forest Berry Herbal Tea 
Rooibos Tea or Red Bush Tea

English Breakfast Tea (Blend) 

 Earl Grey Tea (Bergamot) (Blend) 

Chamomile Tea (Herbal)

 Most of the products or herbal concoctions are as a result of mix with alcohol like Bourbon, Vodka and Rum.    

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