Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Clash of Beverages - Tea or Coffee

The hot beverages are the most consumed in the World. The origin of coffee is said to have taken place in the Islamic World namely Ethiopia. From hear the popularity is said to have spread to nearby Kenya & Sudan.  Although the earliest evidence points to 15th Century the brew must have been popular ages back.

It was trade in the 16th Century that brought the hot beverage to Europe.But large scale popularity is attributed to the 19th Century in Ethiopia.  

Coffea Arabica  a tree now cultivated in many parts of the World yields the brew through its seeds after roasting. The brew was discovered to energize the whole system on consumption apart from delivering a captivation aroma.  Health benefits of drinking coffee
are slowly emerging thanks to research. It is attributed to prevent Diabetic II, liver cirrosis and  prevent some types of cancer. But the most vital aspect of the beverage is its instant energizing effect.  

Tea Camellia Sinensis on commercial scale originated in China and then spread to India. Where the British rulers encouraged its production in the gardens of Assam and Darjeeling.  The leaf especially the green leaf accords tremendous health benefits attributed to antioxidants and many other chemicals. 

Research is where the comparison catapults into complete derailment. The inconclusive aspect of findings point more towards the green tea but is equally impressive about coffee.   

In coffee drinking sphere tea is making a fast intrusion especially the green variant. More research is proving many claims of drinking tea are proving to be right. Another advantage is addition of health benefitting spices and essentials that is not possible in the case of coffee. 

Hence tea is receiving large number of followers. This is further augmented by the introduction of iced tea and its innovative packaging in smart bottles. The biggest boost the consumption of this wonder brew is its amazing aroma and taste. 

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