Saturday, August 29, 2015

Going Overboard - Hot Beverage Consumption

Though tea and coffee are wonder brews consuming beyond the limit can be harmful. The hot beverages come along with plethora of health benefits. This accrues when the consumption is under the recommended limitation. 

Tea does not contain caffeine in the same quantity as coffee does hence its consumption is advisable up to four and five cups a day. Consumption greater than this may cause loss of sleep, acidity and possible increase in heart beat. Higher levels of bad cholesterol results from drinking unfiltered coffee in excess.    

Tea is a winner as far as beneficial aspect are concerned thanks to it variants and less quantity of caffeine. But this does not mean one should consume it in excess.  Heavy caffeine consumption is linked to many ailments in our body.  

As per reports coffee contains as much as 180 mg of caffeine whilst in the other it is up to 70 mg maximum. Hence the preference is obvious. The consumption of coffee is more per person as compered to tea making the latter a better choice in obtaining the health benefits.


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