Monday, October 12, 2015

Tealicious Tea Bags or Premium Loose Blend

While a majority of tea lovers use a bag filled of leaves it is not every one's cup. The advantage of this packaging is that you can carry it everywhere and make an instant cup with the hassle of straining. Though the water still has to be brought to a boil the process nevertheless is much quicker.    

Discovered by accident by an American merchant Thomas Sullivan today's packaging is far more advanced than earlier, with hygiene in place. These square or hexagonal shaped paper bags are filled with various blends of teas generally less than premium stuff because of cost but nevertheless quality driven.  

A large populace is immersing these tea bags as a habit inculcated specially when new to the magical brew. They have never tried or want to experience the exciting World of blending the leaves which abound in variants and varieties. 

Does this mean that blending is a mathematical puzzle?

Well yes and know. If you are master blender employed by a major tea house the art comes easy. If you are a connoisseur the art is easier what with no limitation placed by the company. But for amateur it needs lot of immersion in the World of tea leaves. One has to learn the flavors and what they produce in conjunction. 

This is a full fledged activity blending teas from all over the World and producing master blends that tingle your tongue and nostril so that you reach the peak of flavor. Believe me you as a novice can indulge in the passionate world of  blending leaves of camilia sinensis. All most all the variants and varieties are available online buy them and say Cheers!


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