Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Tealicious Masala Chai Tea Recipe

I remember coming across a masala chai packet in Ahmedabad where it is most popular. The Gujjus love tea and the only competitor is the ice cream not beer mind you. Gujarat is a dry state and only way one can consume alcoholic drinks is through permit avialable for outsiders and for those on health stick.  

Hence spiced tea is very popular. In Ahmadabad tea is virtually Mary's Little Lamb as where ever you go the stalls are waiting for you. There are many stalls with small stools selling the dark liquor along with butter buns and you name it.  Collegians, Majnoos, Businessmen all look for these seats and while away there time in a meaning full or junk banter everyday.   

Chai Thelas on the dusty desert roads...absolute fun.  

Anyway coming back to masala chai I discovered few ingredients which suit my cup very well. 

Here goes 

Dry Ginger One Piece (Saunt)
Clove        ( 1 or 2)    
Few Peppercorns
One Almond 
One Pistachio 
One or Two Cardamom Pods 
Jaiphal Scrapings (Nutmeg) 
Cinnamon Powder small quantity 
Licorice small quantity 

Add this in proportion as stated above and taste. I have been vague on proportions as to cater to individual taste. Try adding other suitable spices like saunf etc. 

You can add this to the brew and even milk for children. It is wonderful cough medicine as well. 

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