Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Teas: Exotic & Refreshing

It is the tea that cheers and fetches you out of boredom, fatigue and ennui. The leaf glitters like gold in fact green gold when perfectly processed, matched and skilfully blended. In my quest to blog on this wonderful hot beverage I as always search the net. 

There are amazing blogs on tea and scoring them will give you an idea about what to write. Well do not copy no duplicates please the brew is best whence unique.  
Wagh Bakri Ginger Tea

Read about some amazing brews here:

Yak Butter Tea

Popular in Tibet, Ladakh in India, Bhutan and Sikkim. this is brewed along with Yak Butter which is available in Tibet and Himalayan Landscape in North India. In the cold climes butter acts a manna, an energy driven brew, it is extremely helpful, apart from being savory.  

Also known as cha it is brewed for a very long  time till a dark liquid is obtained. The liquid is then poured in a flask containing Yak Butter and some salt. Premium leaves accord wonderful taste and aroma.  

Flower or Blooming Tea

Tea leaves and flower are bundled together which whence brewed open up and blooms. Earlier the bundle is dried and often tied to make it stable. This brew finds its origin in Yunan Province of China and is served in transparent containers. Many popular flowers are used for this ceremonial brew.   

Jasmine Tea

Grown in China and some other Asian countries the Jasmine flower is highly fragrant hence it is associated with tea leaves. The mix is kept together overnight or for long hours sufficient time for the leaves to absorb the aroma of the flowers. As during the process moisture is gained by the leaves they are dried all over again. 

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