Thursday, November 5, 2015

Iced Tea Recipe & Flavor

Since the advent of iced tea the popularity of the hot beverage has risen four fold.  The beverage in time to come will challenge colas all over the Globe. The inclusion of fruity flavors has made tea cocktails readily acceptable to the non tea drinking populace.      

Iced Beverage
Most of the iced beverages are sugary and include fresh fruits which is a healthy addition. But many cold beverages are also flavored by fruity syrups. This cold beverage is prepared and then sent to the chiller. It is served in long glasses, canned or sold in bottles. 

Mint Tea
The brew making is a challenge for the foodies ingenuity  but the iced version offers many combinations. Making iced cocktails with premium and rare leaves would be an ideal party drink. These lifestyle drinks are served as accompaniment with various foods.   

Here is an Iced Tea Recipe 

Photo Courtsey: Wagh Bakri Tea Company 

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