Monday, September 2, 2013

Major tea processing companies in the world.

Tea is a shrub that is grown in areas with high humidity i.e. tropical or sub tropical areas, which are found all over the world. Teas whether green, blue, black, yellow, blue or white all the types find their origin in that one plant called Camellia Sinensis.

That one recreational drink that the whole world consumes is the hot beverage tea. The production and consumption is what is found throughout the world. And it wasn’t today that tea was found to be a drink that nearly the whole world consumes now the habit dates back to centuries. This is coming down the line from ages in the Oriental Realm. Since tea is such a good beverage, it is obvious that the market is expanded worldwide and has without any doubt increased over the years.

In today’s date, tea is grown in Asia and Africa on nearly 2.5 million hectares of land. China and India by far are the largest producers of tea, and most of the produce is consumed locally. Kenya this year was the largest exporter of tea. And all these continents and countries are said to have the best processing units. According to a website, all over the world, there are 7 large and successful corporations that dominate 90% of the global market.

As mentioned above the sector is actually dominated by a few major companies all over the world, and the international trade in this commodity follows a pattern. It lets the highest bidder in the International fair trade buy the choice product.

Tea cultivation depends on a number of factors and is the main base that determines that existence of the processing industry. It requires division of labor, proper climate and soil. Therefore Internationally there are some standards that the processing and packaging companies in the world have to follow. They are known as ‘standards for tea plantations’.

They are as follows-
1)    When working in a plantation estate of a company workers health and safety is a must.
2)    Child labor or forced labor is prohibited
3)    Workers have the rights to form unions and place their reasonable demands when required.
4)    The salaries should follow the rule of minimum wage effect.

Over the years the tea production has grown, and the major companies see that in near future this will grow even more. And hence all of them are working towards expanding their horizons and working towards acquiring more and more land so that the production from their company is the largest.

Even according to the stock market, it is predicted, that the tea production, consumption and processing will increase. This will happen if money in the hand of the common man increases so that he is willing to spend a greater amount on his health than what he currently spends.

The major tea processing companies in the world are continuously working towards acquiring the status of being the largest producers of the leaf. But this race continues as amongst the 7 companies, each is better than the other, and is continuously striving to be better, day by day.

Some of the Tea Majors are:


Wagh Bakri

Tata Tetley


Twining Teas


Kenya Tea Packers

The above companies are global while there are  many local concern nevertheless giants in their own rights.

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