Sunday, September 1, 2013

Spices in packet tea give a kick start

From a long period of time tea has been used as a beverage and medicinal product in all over South Asia. The British introduced the tea into their  colonies and the inhabitants started loving it. The tea can be said as the most commonly found and the oldest beverages in the world.

In South Asia especially India and China the spice tea or chai tea has become very popular. The masala tea or the masala chai  varies in the taste from place to place. It has been universally accepted and the usage and popularity is increasing day by day. The tea companies are promoting spice tea to people all over the world. They are getting to know the real taste of the masala tea because of awareness.

Best quality and taste

The Spices in packet tea can provide the latest and the best in the longer tradition of the brilliance in the quality and the taste. The Spice Chai and the masala Tea has reached to a lot of people living in the subcontinent and the whole of Asian countries. Slowly and slowly the Spices in the packet tea is developing into a huge hit among all of the countries and it is being spreading fast. The tea shops and the coffee bar centers are also adopting the spices tea and are offering the wonderful experience of the tea beverage to the potential customers who can consume it at homes or any other places.

Flavorful tea

Various spices such as the elaichi, nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon are being mixed in tea. Many companies producing the spicy tea are blending the best mix of traditional flavors with the new flavors. The spic tea has a powerful punch and rich flavor as compared to coffee.

The flavorful tea must be kept in packaging using flexible materials. The plastic packing as well as laminated cartons are perfect for storage with increased self life. These are also water proof, grease proof and vapor proof materials. Therefore these are  used in various industrial sectors like the pharmacy industry, tea  and the spice industry.  The  and herbs also make popular tea flavors along with traditional cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves.

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