Sunday, September 1, 2013

The significance of flavor additives in tea blends

Tea is said to be the world’s oldest among the popular beverages since a long period of time. People have been drinking tea since many centuries in Asian countries. Recently they have also realized the fact that the tea can also be made better by adding various kinds of flavors and spices to it. This imagination been made to come true by the regular drinkers. Nowadays tea is available in every possible flavor from far and wide.

The best way of adding the fragrance to make tea more delicious is by adding various herbs and essential oils which are edible aromatic compounds. The Masala Chai or Spiced tea  is getting popular among the customers all over the world thanks to unique aroma and taste. .

Deep knowledge of flavors

Understanding flavoring materials, spices and herbs is essential for creating spicy blends. Though this is the task of the experts amateurs can also create magical blends.  For gaining information on flavored tea people must first get to know the information about the processing of the leaf at estates and plants. As the matter of the fact the processing plays a very important role in the production of the various kinds of leaves. This kind of the processing consists of various steps. The tea companies do not make any kind of the compromise with the quality. In the gardens they only choose the topmost buds and the leaves from the plants. All of the plucked leaves are taken to wither and then crushed for twenty four hours. The withered leaves are crushed in between the metal rollers. The additives are added to the blend for increasing the flavor, taste and aroma.

Different flavored tea

The idea of the flavored tea started in China. This place has been the birthplace of the flavored tea drinking. Since ages different types of flavors are in use creating a wide varieties of blends. Some of the notable varieties are masala chai, herb flavored blends and those containing essential oils.  The leaf is fermented during the process and is exposed to various degree of sunshine.

After the plucking of the leaves they are fermented in order to accord a strong flavor and bigger size. The black tea itself possesses the strong and heavy flavor this is quite evident whence we consume strong teas available in the market. Hence flavoring black teas is a greater challenge than the lighter versions like green and Oolong leaf. Some plants are cultivated in the vicinity of plums and cinnamon trees. This accords a distinct flavor to the leaves which is preferred by the connoisseurs.

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