Friday, December 27, 2013

Which is better coffee or tea?

Ever since man has put his foot on this planet, he has shown his true colors. Man has got everything that he needed. Naturally he was provided with food and drinks. And he has been exploiting the resources of nature because man knows that he will find something or the other which will benefit him. The quest may give rise to something that is new and even more beneficial. And hence that is the way man has been, he has always compared. He has the habit of drawing a comparison between everything that he has got and everything that he thought he would get.

As mentioned above, man has always got what he wanted. When he started living on the planet, the food and the drinks that he required were available naturally. Whether they were the fruits or vegetables, or plain simple water, it was available. And with the advent of time man also discovered fire. And naturally after discovering fire he started doing things that he had never done before. This included finding out new things which already existed on the face of this earth and also use them for the benefits that he would provide themselves with. And in this process man also came across the most important drinks in today’s world, tea and coffee.

It is the most widely consumed drinks in the world though tea has a better hold over the market and its consumers. Tea is an everyday drink and everyone consumes it on a large scale. The hot beverage was made better and better over the period of time.

People in many countries started the same with the coffee bean that they had found and were surely going to get the maximum benefit out of it. And in the process of doing all this, the coffee lovers started asking one question how one is tea better than the other whence both are consumed in such high amounts.

Well arguments like these where which is better and which is not, people don’t usually win. That is because when you will ask a tea lover if he likes it over coffee he will definitely say a yes. Whereas the coffee lovers will say something else and this will be a never ending fight.

The weather too plays an important role in seeing which is consumed more. And what is it that people have been trying to do is switch drinks and trying on something new? With natural anti oxidants and elements that support the immunity system, how is tea better than coffee can be answered but no one really will. At the end what matters now is the preference of the people and not the kind and quality of the product that will be available.

Albeit coffee is consumed in many nations the health benefits of tea are becoming obvious and attracting new customers.    

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