Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How is black and green tea better than coffee?

There is a world of hot beverages. An amazing world filled with refreshing hot drinks. But sadly, it has two kings, fighting for their dominance. It may sound hilarious; but such is the story between both. Both have historically been drinks of the nobility. But coffee was known for its intoxicating effects rather than soothing ones, till few years earlier. It was always the bad brother of them and still there are many factors, which make tea much more chosen than the other.

Firstly, tea is economic. While the price of  the other has always been soaring high, its price has come down due to its increased farming and globalization making trade much easier. The price is not the only factor in satisfaction, as many will argue. But it is not only about the price. The preparation process is also simpler with no problems of grinding beans, taking the powder, filtering it, refining it further to get to the stage where you can boil it. To tackle this problem coffee makers have always attempted various instant brands to hand over the ready to boil to customers but brewing tea making still stays the simplest process. The variety that coffee breeds offer is also mild. There is no such broad difference of taste in Mexican and Ethiopian produce that are well marketed as the best.

However, talk of tea, the variety does not seem to end at all: black, green, almond and white leaves. Now talking of the taste, original taste of coffee is raw and bitter. Even its lovers cannot have it without adding milk and sugar. Whereas tea is always, ready to go. You can have it with or without sugar or milk. Apart from that, while coffee came from the forest, historically, the other came from the families of kings and rich people. Thus, when the question of class arises, tea comes in as the first choice. 

From health point of view, coffee never stands close to its rival. It has more harmful caffeine, and other biochemical enzymes and oxidants, which do more harm to human body than good. On the other is all good things packed in small leaves. It aids in digestive system maintenance. Be it black or green leaf, it is good for heart, cholesterol, and many other human body systems. Overall, black or green leaf should always be the first choice over its rival. As it may intoxicate you for few moments. However, tea gives you pleasure along with the health factors, which are very essential in today’s world. So choose your health, go green, and have it. In conclusion, we should say that people willing to achieve their good health should immediately stop the consumption of coffee and step towards consuming of green and black tea as soon as possible.

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