Friday, September 19, 2014

Chai Ho Jaye!

Flower Tea

Ice Tea
Mast mast garam garam chai means a lot more to us then we think. If you carefully analyze the events that take place socially chai is a powerful tool of communication. Read about some of the social benefits:

Accha Chai To Pello!

Another opportunity to continue with failed conversation or deal. This extension is due to chai.

Ayea Ghar Kabhi Chai Pe

Good opportunity granted for cementing relationship or showcase your paintings.    

Uthho Chai Ban Gayee Hai

Good excuse to wake your children and lazy husband in time.

Chai Serve Karo

Break a dull conference snooze and fill an empty stomach with chai and biscuits.

Rukko Chai Ho Jaye

Life saver especially during long distance drives. Keeps you awake. 

Chaye Chale Gee!

Makes it difficult for a person to escape from a much desired conversation.

Chai Ya Cold Drink!

Saves money by eliminating cold drink often.


Samazdar mothers during exam time in the night.

Sunteee Ho! Chai Bana Do!

Enlivens you after a hard days work.

Ek! Ek! Chai Ho Jaye!  

Friendship Bonds or Celebration

No wonder chai tea is a revitalizing agent and does much more.I will keep digging for mire as I am loving it.

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